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Whether you have a dry van, reefer, flatbed or box truck we book loads for them all. Headliners Trucking works with owner operators and fleet owners. We earn our clients top dollar daily through our professional dispatch service. We have an incredible staff of experienced and well trained dispatchers who will book loads and negotiate top dollar on your behalf. If you’re ready to maximize your earning potential, sign up with Headliners Trucking and we’ll show you why we’re The Headliners.

Dry Vans

Most types of professional drivers start out their careers by hauling dry van shipments. ‘Dry Van’ is a common nickname for the rectangular trailers hauled by semi-trucks. They normally are filled with dry, easy-to-transport goods packaged in pallets or boxes. Those who drive dry van trailers are normally not required to unload the goods they’ve transported on their own.


It takes a special type of truck driver to haul refrigerated freight. Because the goods that are being hauled have to stay at a certain temperature, some hauls will have freezer shipping containers and the truck driver must be able to make certain time and distance requirements. While the trailer the haul is being transported in is temperature controlled, the driver must still be cautious of quickly delivering the load to its destination. Since the driver of a refrigerated truck must know how to successfully set and check the temperature of their trailer, they do get paid more than dry haulers do.


Flatbed hauling is another different type of trucking service that is often overlooked. Flatbed haulers carry dry products or machinery on their open-air trailer that may be too large or awkward to fit into a dry van trailer. The loads will often be irregularly shaped or oversized, making the trek to take them to their destination more difficult and require more skill and experience. Flatbed haulers must be experts at tying down oddly shaped objects. Due to the risk involved in this sort of hauling, flatbed haulers often are paid more than dry van haulers.

Booking profitable loads is what we do.

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We leave the driving up to you, so you can leave the booking up to us.


We monitor the changing market all across the country, from coast to coast so that we know the best rates per mile to command for our drivers.

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We give you personalized attention because we don't overload our dispatchers with dozens of trucks to book.

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We help you figure out what it costs to run your business and remain profitable mile by mile. Then we work to maximize your profits by only booking you loads above your BEP.


We work for you, and we work around your schedule. We make sure that at all times we meet the standards of courtesy, etiquette, and professionalism. Our goal is to keep you happy and make you money.

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Sometimes things happen, so we're always a call away. When you sign on with us we treat your truck like it's ours. We are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


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